Photo by John Lorson, Holmes SWCD District Technician

Conservation through education, protection,
and improvement of soil and water resources.


 Holmes Soil and Water Conservation District works with the citizens of Holmes County, state and local agencies, and private organizations to promote responsible land-use decisions. We provide information, technical guidance, and cost-share assistance to home owners, farmers, and educators.

The Holmes County Commissioners  provide the majority of our funding. Those local are then matched by the Ohio General Assembly to support SWCD operations, conservation programs, and resource-management initiatives.

Additionally, we work closely with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Ohio Department of Agriculture, Division of Soil and Water Conservation and the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Our goal is to coordinate assistance from all available sources—public, private, local, state and federal—in an effort to develop locally-driven solutions to natural resource concerns.

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