Narrative Essay Winner:
Averee Troyer, Killbuck Elementary

Averee's descriptive, detailed writing created a very visual recreation of the farm tour for her readers. She did an excellent job incorporating many details of the farm tour - especially in sharing about her favorite farm tour station: the farming stop and the adorable calves.

2nd Place: Madison Pearce-Laferty, Lakeville Elementary

3rd Place: Andi Schuch, Lakeville Elementary

Informative Essay Winner:
Ohlen Troyer, Walnut Creek Elementary

Ohlen's crisp, clear writing captured the essence of the farm tour while engaging his readers. He enthusiastically shared many details about the farm tour, the information he learned, and which stations he enjoyed the most.

2nd Place: Memphis Jones, Killbuck Elementary

3rd Place: Lexy Starner, Killbuck Elementary


East Holmes Traditional Poster Winner:
Joel Miller, Chestnut Ridge Elementary


2nd Place: Hannah Kline, Winesburg Elementary

3rd Place: Miah Miller, Berlin Elementary

West Holmes Traditional Poster Winner:
Tierra Berger, Killbuck Elementary


2nd Place: Alex Pringle, Lakeville Elementary

3rd Place: Madison Pearce-Laferty, Lakeville Elementary


 Digital Poster Winner:
Austin Brenneman, Lakeville Elementary