If Pokemon Really Lived in Holmes County

Like a million other moms across around the globe, my kids are in love with Pokemon Go. Trips to town revolve around hitting PokeStops. Instead of riding with me to Grandma's house, they now choose to walk or ride their bikes - all to help their Pokemon eggs hatch and hopefully capture one more elusive Pokemon on the way. And any trip to my office involves a pit stop in the corner of the parking lot to collect from the PokeStop across the street.

Whether you're a fan or a critic, you have to admit, there are some great features of Pokemon Go, the biggest of which is kids are outdoors and being active, often times with their family.

All of this Pokemon craze and one of my kids' favorite teachers made me wonder how we can use Pokemon Go as an education tool. Then I began to wonder what type of Pokemon would be on our Holmes County team. Well, here's what I came up with:

For more ideas on incorporating Pokemon Go into your classroom, check out this article on Ways to use Pokemon Go in the Classroom.

And for more ideas on what real-life animals common Pokemon are based on, check out this post from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on The Pokemon Around Us.

A Holmes County native, Jane joined the Holmes SWCD staff in 2015 after spending 16 years in public relations for a land-grant university. She holds a BS with distinction in agricultural communication from Purdue University and her master's program in mass communication at Purdue focused on science and risk communication. Jane has a passion for education youth about the science of conservation and agriculture and is an active volunteer in local 4-H and Scout programs. She is excited to bring that passion back to Holmes County where she manages educational outreach programs, social media, and fiscal administration for the district. Jane raises horses and sheep on the family farm where she was raised south of Nashville along with her husband Craig and her three children: Aubree, Garrett & Tristan. You can reach Jane at 330-674-2811 or jhouin@co.holmes.oh.us