Tom Graham 5th Grade Farm Tour(s): Everything Old Is New Again!

Michelle Wood, District Program Administrator

What goes around, comes around is a familiar phrase. I think of it in fashion terms, mostly. My husband was recently incredulous that one of our friends was wearing Sperry Topsiders. “When did boat shoes come back in style?” he asked.  “Um, about 10 years ago, I think,” I said. No one will accuse him of being a fashionista.

Anyhow, the phrase can be applied to the upcoming Tom Graham 5th Grade Conservation Farm tours. Yes, tours with a plural. When the tour started 53 years ago, Holmes SWCD hosted a tour on the east side of the county, and a tour on the west side of the county. We then morphed the tour into East Holmes in the morning, then West Holmes in the afternoon. When that became cumbersome we went to all schools at the same time with more speakers. Well, guess what--we are going back to our original idea in 2018.


We’ve had requests from some private and parochial schools to be part of the tour, and we love the idea of hosting more kids. So, we have lots of space! Two locations will cut down on travel time too for those participating. The events are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, Sept. 25 (rain date of Sept. 26) at One-O-One Ranch (Tom and Sarah Miller), 3515 CR 168, Millersburg (East Holmes schools will attend)

 Thursday, Sept. 27 (rain date of Sept. 28) at Spring Walk Farm (Wachtel Family), 13079 TR 503, Big Prairie (West Holmes schools will attend) 

Events on each day will begin at 9:45 a.m. and end at 12:35 p.m.  


The students will rotate between five stations with 25 minutes at each station. The five stations are soils, farming, forestry, wildlife, and water quality. Each station has a hands-on component, and are taught by resource professionals, SWCD staff, FFA students and volunteers. Its a fun day of learning about the importance of conservation and farming.


Planning is under way and more details will be available soon. Background materials will be provided prior to the tour. If you are associated with a private or parochial school and have an interest in attending, please contact Michelle Wood at Holmes Soil & Water Conservation District at 330-674-2811, ext. 3.

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Michelle Wood, District Program Administrator

Michelle Wood oversees the day to day operations of the district and the diverse activities offered to promote clean water and healthy soil. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a background in communications, she appreciates the conservation district grassroots model which enables the local board and staff to create programs that meet the conservation needs of Holmes County.  Michelle is a member of several state and national committees.  Contact Michelle at 330-674-2811 or at