Help In Evaluating Nutrient Runoff From Your Fields

Joe Christner, Water Quality Technician

Runoff from farm fields continues to be in the news with Ohio Governor John Kasich issuing an executive order that directs the creation of administrative rules “for the use, storage, handling, and control of nutrients and the development of management plans for all agricultural land and operations within each designated watershed.” It is possible that these rules will attempt to regulate both manure and commercial fertilizer in Ohio.

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The Revised Phosphorus Index may be a useful tool to evaluate nutrient runoff from your current farm operation as well as other management practices such as: soil phosphorus content, soil type, fertilizer placement, tillage, and cover crops. Learn more about the Revised Phosphorus Index here.

You will be able to hear a presentation on this tool at a “Nutrient Update Meeting” on Thursday, August 30, 2018, 6:00 p.m. at the Ohio Theater in Loudonville. Call Joe Christner at Holmes SWCD for more information at 330-600-3102, or RSVP at 419-281-7645.
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Joe Christner, Water Quality Technician

Joe Christner came to Holmes SWCD in 2001 with experience and knowledge drawn from 20-plus years of dairy farming. He grew up on a small farm near New Bedford, Ohio. His background interest and involvement in agriculture from the time he was a young man give him an empathy and understanding of the needs and concerns of today’s farmers. Joe can assist you with conservation plans for your farming operation, including nutrient management planning and record keeping. Water quality, soil health, and conserving the resources needed for the next generation and beyond is very important to Joe.
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