Cover Crop Cost-Share Application Deadline is June 23

The benefits of cover crops are many, including erosion control and improved soil health. Once again, The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, through an agreement with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, is offering a $12/acre cost-share incentive throughout the Muskingum River watershed, which includes Holmes County. The cost-share is available to participants on a competitive basis, with funding prioritized to those fields with greater chance of soil loss. A maximum of 200 acres per producer may be cost-shared.

In order to sign up, a producer just needs to schedule with Joe Christner or Karen Gotter in the Holmes SWCD office and mark field maps where cover crops should be applied. Applicants who participate in the Holmes SWCD coordinated aerial seeding application (via aircraft) or broadcast into a standing crop will rank higher than those who elect to drill, but either option is available for sign up.

The deadline to sign up for the Holmes SWCD cover crop program is June 23rd. For more information, contact the Holmes SWCD office at 330-674-SWCD.

Karen is the most recent addition to the Holmes SWCD staff.  Since joining the staff in January 2016, she has delved into the cover crop program, soil testing, nutrient recommendations, nutrient trading programs, and water sampling.  A 2009 graduate of Miami University’s Western College program with a Bachelor of Philosophy in environmental studies, she has worked in a variety of fields in southern Ohio, California, and Colorado.  She was most recently employed with the Farm Service Agency in Hamilton, Ohio, but is happy to return home and assist the Holmes community in agricultural and conservation pursuits.  Karen can be reached at 330-674-2811 or