Ag Plastic Recycling program has been discontinued

Holmes SWCD and our partners in the Ag Plastic Recycling program regret to announce that the program has ended, effective June 1, 2016. Unfortunately, our collection source, Lasttic LLC, is closing due to retirement.

We’d like to thank Farmerstown Auction and TMK for being drop off locations over the past three years. We realize that being a collection point has created extra work, but the end result was keeping approximately 200 tons of plastic over a multi-county area out of the landfill or from being burned and releasing toxic chemicals. Thanks also to Sunrise Cooperative for providing totes to us to distribute at no charge.

We hope to someday offer an ag recycling option again, but for now, please note that the program has ended. If you have any questions, please contact the Holmes SWCD at 330-674-2811. A