Don't Mow that Milkweed!


To help foster the creation of habitat for the monarch butterfly, the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative in cooperation with Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Districts is organizing a Statewide Milkweed Pod Collection this year starting September 1st and ending October 30th.

Holmes SWCD will have a milkweed pod collection receptacle during that timeframe. But right now, be mindful of milkweed plants and DO NOT MOW THEM so that the seeds can be collected this fall. More information will be forthcoming, but if you have any influence on mowing, please protect this important habitat species.

Pollinator species are experiencing population declines across the United States. In particular, monarch butterfly populations have drastically declined here in Ohio and in the wintering grounds of Mexico. In response to this decline the Ohio Division of Wildlife and other partners have created the OPHI to educate the public and help create beneficial habitat to pollinators such as the monarch butterfly. OPHI formed after the 2014 petition to list the monarch as federally endangered or threatened. The group’s primary focus is to find opportunities and other partners to assist in the efforts to create habitat. Learn more about the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative at .

Michelle Wood oversees the day to day operations of the district and the diverse activities offered to promote clean water and healthy soil. With a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a background in communications, she appreciates the conservation district grassroots model which enables the local board and staff to create programs that meet the conservation needs of Holmes County. Michelle is a member of several statewide committees, including the ODNR Parks Advisory Council and the Clean Ohio Fund Natural Resources Assistance Council. Contact Michelle at 330-674-2811 or at