Narrative Essay Winner:
Sam Sprang, Lakeville Elementary

Sam wrote a creative narrative of the farm tour as seen through the eyes of a rooster named "Bob." As Boy will tell you, he may not be very smart, but he learned many things on the tour - and "at least he knows what a milk snake is!" Click here for a full copy of Sam's essay.

Informative Essay Winner:
Avery Arnold, Killbuck Elementary

Avery captured the essence of the farm tour with her crisp, clear, and concise writing. She shares many details about the farm tour, the information she learned, as well as what some of her favorite stations to visit were on the tour. Click here for a full copy of Avery's essay.


Digital Poster Winner:
Kate Wengerd, Walnut Creek Elementary

Traditional Poster Winner:
Katherine Hochstetler, Berlin Elementary